Fairfax Media 2014 — 2016
Help establish a custom HTML+CSS pattern library, mostly jquery style javascript, performance optimisation, CI/CD tasks (setting up perceptual difference tests specifically), node, grunt.

Cobe design 2012 — 2014
Web development, app prototyping, web design, video animation, branding.

Elastic digital 2009 — 2012
Flash development, HTML development, design, illustration, animaton, localisation.


I'm a multi-skilled developer that's fairly commited to honing my craft and learning new skills. Below is a rough summary of my skills.

Accessible HTML, CSS, Javascript ES5/6 (Node, Knockout, jquery, Lodash), Gulp / Grunt, Git, PHP, Regex, React (No commercial experience), Actionscript 3

Supplementary Skills
-Yes I am basically the powerball of development. Design (Creative suite, Sketch), illustration (simple vector style), user testing and After Effects.


St George college of design
Advanced diploma of Graphic Design
2007 — 2010

Digital design short course
2013 — 2014


My wife (Louise) and cat (Ninja) come first then big ideas, web-development, video games, board games, Jiu Jitsu, music (rock), movies (sci-fi), art and cooking.